Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Your Wish Is In The Wishing Well

Wasn't it one of the basic ideas of that self-help book & film The Secret that you must put something out there to the Universe, tell it what you want in order to make it happen? Well, here go my pennies into the cosmic well...

I used to feel constantly fuzzy when asked what it was I wanted to do, you know, with my life. I still find that question too big, too final, to completely answer - but really if I could combine all the things I love to do in my time away from my 9-5 job I'd just be the happiest! That's not an uncommon feeling, no doubt: hobbies are so often what give people purpose! But yes, the things I want to do All The Time. What I would love more than anything to be able to do, and actually make a living with, is making art & creating, things like DJing occasionally and mixing in all kinds of various side projects that have to do with both of those things. A life of creative processes!
Art and music: saviors of this time here on earth, mediums to the supernatural and sacred.
A dream that involves so much work, work, work and faith. . .
and so many people want this same thing; it's not an easy path to take.

I hate to admit it but at times I'm so jealous of those who make that happen (How do they do it?), but underneath that green-eyed layer is so much inspiration. If someone can live that, there is hope! They made it, they got there! I have no idea now how to make this happen for myself, there are so many feelings of inadequacy and of stumbling around blindly trying to find the light switch to clarity. At 27 I can't help but feel as though I should be past this infant stage, but yet the reality is that I know - and constanly have to keep reminding myself - that there are no timelines for life carved in stone. It's never too late for anything, and it's always possible to change and shed the skins that no longer fit.

This post has been so much more revealing that anything I've ever written on a blog - ahh! But oh well, just my two cents that will hopefully sparkle and shine their way to some kind of magic.


  1. the fearless jump. hold your nose and close your eyes...1-2-3.

    i love what you share and reveal. and your 8 track mixes help me through the day.

    your magic is beautiful.

  2. Aww! The fearless jump, you have it completely right! Something I've been trying to do but haven't really gotten further than dipping toes. And thank YOU for all that you have shared - - - that poem today was amazing. The true power of words!