Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Beginning

This photo was taken last fall when G and I took a Saturday afternoon drive out east from the city and had a picnic in one of the many Civil War battlefield sites that scatter the Virginia countryside. It was hardly larger than a small stop off the road and we had it all to ourselves, us and the ghosts.

I remember the air being crisp but warm in the sunshine, the gift of the season. And while we didn't linger too long, we really were there at the perfect hour: that magical time when the light is starting to shift slightly and things start to become sort of d r e a m l i k e. Shadows change and then there it is, that golden haze all over everything.

It's the most beautiful cloak for all of mother nature's glamour shots, and it makes dazzling appearances in the exposures of all those old photographs drenched in the soft colors of age. It's luminous and nostalgic, dreamy and magical, trancelike and illuminating.
Somewhere I want to be!

Here I've started a new spot to connect and share, welcoming back my old friend Text after posting nothing but images over on my tumblr and having long abandoned my last blog.
As I've recently experienced in my personal life, new beginnings (no matter how small and regardless of what nature) are often perfect prescriptions.
There are so many lovely rounded archways of new doors out there ready to be opened!