Thursday, October 25, 2012

Here & There

Charles Swedlund

Radio silence...
has it really been since July that I last posted? I hate to state the typical "time flies," but it has. In many ways it feels like I was just welcoming the new beginning of 2012 (maybe many of us feel this way?), and now here we are with the days darkening earlier, earlier, earlier, and the months are drawing to a close, soon to curl themselves up into winter. (!)

I have thought often of this blog and of how poorly I've kept up with it, thinking of it along the lines of just one more place that needs tending to among so many platforms to virtually share these days.
It feels like it has been necessary for me to keep my head present in the physical realm as much as possible recently and focus on thinking, making, doing. Dreaming, of course, always.

Onward and forward - I hope to be back soon with news and updates!

Meanwhile, some other places of internet interest:

+ This interview with textile designer Isabel Wilson, via Moon to Moon.
I love what she says about seeing her designs out in the world: "I have been doing this long enough now that I see prints that I have designed all over the place, whether my name is on it or not. There is a romance in seeing my print on a stranger. There it is and there it goes. That’s it, you know?"

+ This incredible story about a Texas postman who is also a Hermès designer.

+ These aura portraits, via the Sphinx & the Milky Way. So beautiful, and such an interesting concept!

And at last, to leave you for now with this fantastic video (click on its link in youtube to read more information about it!) . . .
Colorful crystalline visions originally used for the treatment of mental disorders: following attempts to correlate color with musical notes, and titled with one of the most beautiful words I've ever heard...