Thursday, September 29, 2011

When you get there say hello with a flower in your hair

Bullet points of today:

- Scandinavian patterns on textiles & painted
- Suzani textiles, embroidered
- golden threads & colorful tassles
- bright, bold colors and prints on everything
- beautiful lettering
- splashes of honey in steaming tea
- thinking about soft colors and focus in photography
- the rush of people in big cities
- the Quiet of very small towns
- (What would it be like to live in one?)
- remembering to not compare myself to everyone and their place in their lives
- money is so strange!/awful
- loving someone who is so kind and good
- wanting to get out of town
- realizing some things we felt as teenagers will probably never go away
- and hoping that holds true for the parts of us we want to keep forever

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Woven up

(via bluesforspacegirl)

I should preface this by saying I truly do not mean to sound whiny or to complain - believe me when I write that I feel extremely grateful for everything I've got in my life right now (cross my heart!) - but it's been one of those times when I can't help but look around and feel completely underwhelmed with the day-to-day. It's kind of like walking around in sludge, and it's not even winter yet!

There's so much beauty, though, I just want to be immersed in it all.
I started a loom weaving class this past weekend and I can't wait to learn more and start using the loom! It's really exciting to think about working on a piece of equipment like that. The loom is so big and traditional, and definitely a little intimidating, but that's so wonderful, right? And as with anything, there are sure to be some new skills and ideas taken away from the experience that will be applicable to art work back in the real world without giant loom access.
I'd also love to learn screen printing, something else I've never done. Not enough time or money for all of this, but just so many ideas!!

These images of Navajo looms posted on Nothing is New show a different way of weaving that is also inspirational and of course extremely beautiful. Thinking about these techniques as being a part of daily life for generations is humbling when considering the times in which we live. For the most part I'm glad to live in the modern age, but there are some things we really miss out on... I'm happy so many people are starting to turn back to them again.

p.s. On a slightly different note, here's something else I just came across this morning - it's things like this that make me want to immediately play hookie from work to start new embroidery projects and sew with linen and other gorgeous natural fibers:

(via Prints Charming)

All those colors of threads bursting with energy...
Just perfect.