Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All Around

First Day of Creation - from the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle



Something about circles has been so appealing lately, to the point where I included two new paintings of them in my own show that just opened at Quirk Gallery (more on this soon!). I may have to do a bit of meditating on what could be the personal current significance with this particular geometric connection, but for now I wanted to share some artwork by others (from a variety of eras, and that I haven't already posted about before) that focus on a prominent roundness. They are everywhere!

Julio Le Parc

Emil Bisttram

Anne Nowak

Alexander Rodchenko

Naum Gabo

Michelle Tavares

Lena Wolff

Erika Giovanna Klien


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A California Dream...


Here are some quite belated photos from our trip back in May for my Into the Golden show at The Tarot Woman Vintage Boutique: a short but sweet visit filled with Bay Area magic in Berkeley and San Francisco. We really lucked out on the weather while we were there, and everything was just beautiful... I'm ready to go back anytime! 








Friends new and old!

Some of my pieces from the show, image collage originally posted by The Tarot Woman

Paintings from the show as well as greeting cards are still available for purchase via The Tarot Woman etsy shop, though I'm not sure for how much longer - get them while they're up!