Monday, August 22, 2011

Notes From Below

I first came across Stacie Willoughby's fantastic poster and flyer art shortly after I started drawing flyers myself (both for actual events and imagined ones loosely worked out on random sheets of paper). I thought it was so cool how she seems to create most of her posters with pen and markers - just like I've mostly done, too! - and she's got that same pull to all those great Art Nouveau-inspired rock posters of the '60s. Kind of a soul sister in my mind, for sure... but her work totally blows me away!
She's been incredibly prolific over the past years, mainly creating event posters for Northern California promoter (((folkYEAH!))). Her never-ending creativity and skill have remained a huge inspiration to me; they're always so much fun to see and just spill out passion for the art. Hand drawn posters and flyers forever!!

Here are some favorites:

Love this lettering!:

Many more images and information can be found on her facebook page and official site, Notes From Below.

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