Monday, May 5, 2014

Fresh Season

After what was perhaps the longest, coldest winter I can recall, spring has now been in full bloom officially for enough time now that I feel safe to say it's truly here - soon to be summer before we know it! For now, I'm truly appreciating the lush greenness of this picturesque commonwealth state and these days of breezy sunshine and budding sprouts. Though there's always more work to be done that requires sitting at a desk indoors, it's difficult not to want to spend every free moment with the sun, soaking in the low-humidity and fresh air. Spring looks good in Virginia: trees dressed in pale pink & white blossoms wear them well among old houses; even the gravestones lighten up.

My parents have been here for a few days visiting from Texas, and yesterday we took a short scenic drive out of town to visit an old plantation house and peek at more marked historical locations of the civil war as they dot the countryside, ghosts of the nineteenth century blowing gently through meadows...


In art-related news: working on several things that can't be shared as of yet, but just a couple months ago I noticed that this old interview from the Quirk Gallery show last summer was posted after their new website went live, and so figured I'd share... a nice throwback to last year when things were busy in the best way!