Friday, November 9, 2012

Program Progress

One very special aspect I forgot to mention about the wedding in the previous post was that I was privileged to be able to create the design for their ceremony program! Abbey is an old friend of mine from college, and I just loved being able to paint this for her. The event took place on Jesse's family farm in Maryland which also happened to be where the couple met, and I've been fortunate enough to have been able to spend a bit of time up there as well! It's such a beautiful place right near the water; gently rolling hills and lots of trees, and maybe best of all - there are ponies! So it seemed perfect that they wanted to incorporate this scenery with falling autumn leaves into the image of the program cover. Drawing and painting the leaves was the best part!

The image above is a shot of the program in progress. It's always so fun to see projects start to come alive!


  1. Ahh, *this* was for *that* wedding... I remember seeing this lovely watercolor work on instagram, but now I'm putting it all together :) A truly dreamy wedding complete with your handiwork!

    PS: Wanted to tell you that I made an 8tracks mix of all that 60s-70s country folk I've been listening to, based around "I live for you" by our George!... ...x's and o's!

  2. Drawing and painting the leaves was the best part!
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