Thursday, November 1, 2012

›〉〉〉 Autumn Moments 〈〈〈‹

One of my goals for the future is to try and really get better about taking photos to capture life's events and experiences. This fall, October in particular, has been extremely busy - and while that has been a good thing, I don't have much by way of pictorial documentation to show for it. I am content in the moments to just LIVE them and not worry about or spend much time documenting it all, but it's afterwards that having those pictures is always appreciated. Nowadays things like instagram make taking and sharing photos easier than ever, but sometimes the quality doesn't translate from phone to screen. However, there is much more to speak of in terms of the positive... and having access to a camera that is just about always on me is at least a good small step.

Above is a handmade teepee on the site of a gorgeous wedding we attended earlier in October. We played records (mostly G, as I came down with the most awful sudden migraine out there in the woods, ugh!) and did projections with colored oils & water against the large white surface. Forest magic! Its inside was lined with beautiful patterned blankets and pillows, and hanging from the top was an iron chandelier of candles, making a perfect haven of warmth. The next weekend found my friend Mary and me selling some artwares outside at the Halcyon Vintage rummage sale. Truly a beautiful day of sun and friendly faces!

And at last, at another wedding this past weekend, when we stepped into a filter of fall.



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    1. Thanks, lovely lady! Enjoying reading your blog as well - so much positive energy, so inspiring. :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I've checked out the art on Etsy and I really really like it! (How much in the way of shipping charges are added to the cost of a print?)

    The couple who got married certainly look great in that photo!! The woman's ensemble really rivets my attention, especially the beautiful dress. (I wish they made something like that in my size, but I'm a guy and heavy, so I'm not gonna hold my breath... ;))

    1. Hi! Aww, thanks so much for checking out the stuff that's up on etsy! :) The shipping charges are separate, but I don't think it's more than a few dollars on most any of the listings. That cost mostly includes the price to actually ship (usually a bit over $2 just to post) and then whatever is left goes toward the cost of shipping materials (the envelopes, tape, etc - of course within each item that usually ends up being only cents). Any other questions I'm happy to answer, too!

      As for the bottom photo, it isn't the married couple, but me & G! A favorite purple dress, for sure. :) The timing was so lucky because this was up in Maryland and all the wedding stuff was able to happen just before Hurricane Sandy!

  3. Sounds like a forest fantasy wedding! <3

  4. I love that purple dress!

    <3 Melissa