Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Betweens

Some experiments with carving rubber stamps and a quick painting of a cardinal (in anticipation of the colder months ahead) that I made just before our move this weekend.

Now all of my things remain in their temporary boxed-up homes, but I can hardly wait to get everything unpacked and put together - especially the room that will be my studio space! I keep saying this to everyone I see and talk to about the process of moving, but I just really wish I had the magic witchy powers of Samantha from Bewitched and could have the whole house put together perfectly with just a twitch of the nose. It's pretty overwhelming. On the bright side, it's so nice to think about a fresh start and new ways to arrange old favorites, examining and reconsidering what we really love and what we may have outgrown.

Anyway, more updates to come once the dust has settled - but in the meantime, check out these beautiful dresses on display at the Biba exhibition in the Brighton Museum as blogged about by Miss Peelpants. Gorgeous, everything - from the clothing to the lovely illustration by Barbara Hulanicki! Wish I could be there to see it all in person!

And another for any other lovers of vintage style out there (or fashion history, or just plain old history itself), a hearty recommendation to see the film out now about Diana Vreeland - The Eye Has to Travel. It is eye candy in each and every scene!  



  1. Love fresh starts :)
    Happy Moving and decorating!
    Your feathered friend and the mushroom stamps are the sweetest.

  2. Delighted to find you blog, love your aesthetics and art and will jump to the Etsy side of things right now! :) xo