Friday, January 20, 2012

Swiss Mysteries: Pictures from 1969

The other day I spent a little time going back through some old scans and came across these cool images from a 1969 Swiss music magazine that I got at one of my fantastic friend Jimmy's amazing yard sales.

When I uploaded these scans originally, I didn't make note of the title or anything other than the year of publication, which is really a bad habit - one that fortunately I've managed to get much better about! Because isn't it so frustrating when you see the coolest stuff out there on the internet and have no idea what or who it is, where it came from or who made it? Sometimes things are traceable (there's an amazing website called TinEye that can often track down a source for the image), but often they're too obscure to find. And even if you never plan on sharing an image and putting it out there into the immense open world of the internet, isn't it just nice to have that reference for the future, when - like me in this moment - you're looking at these pictures saved long ago in your own collection, have only the slightest clue about them, and the original magazine/book/whatever it may be, is hiding stealthily in a stack or pile somewhere among countless others.

In my own defense for this particular situation, at least these were printed in a language I can't read or understand! And I do have to admit that despite the importance of documentation, sometimes there is a bit of magic in not knowing the full story...

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  1. They are all so beautiful, thank you for sharing them!

  2. I realy love all the pictures on your blog ! I love art and the sixties, that's my runaway ! :) , maybe you can take a look ? :)

    Lisa xx