Thursday, January 26, 2012

Members of the Society

As mentioned in an earlier post, though I'm brand new to Society6, I've already discovered so many wonderful artists and pieces of artwork posted there! Here are some favorites for now, but there really are so many... more that I've marked can be found here.
(Click titles/names to see the images on each artist's profile)

In preparation for the journey: Angela Fox

Scales: Steven Womack

DG Aztec No. 2: Dawn Gardner

All That Glitters: Terry Fan

Bic Biro drawing on vintage envelope: Mark Powell

Bubo Bubo: Helen Vine

Valkyrie: Jamie Mitchell

Tree Rings: Rachael Shankman

Magic Wand: Brandi Strickland

Ursa Major: Anai Greog

Sunset Cat: Ola Liola

Additionally, the timing happens to be extra good for this post: there's a special running now on Society6 for free shipping worldwide through Sunday!