Monday, July 18, 2011

Illustration Inspiration: Mike Hinge

Illustrator and graphic designer Mike Hinge, who (like Bob Pepper) was quite prolific in the science fiction world throughout the 1960s-80s, is another artist whose work I have found myself turning back to time and time again.

I love his style of bright colors with the bold and intricate linework, and how the colors are blocked off in shapes to represent shading and detail: pop art style with a fantastical, science fiction edge. Another amazing example of incredible skill from an age of manually-done art!

In pulling up examples to post here, I came across this blog in my image search, which I found interesting since it seems to be all drafts and drawings from the author's personal collection. I always love seeing an artist's work in progress and the drafts that follow as the concept evolves; for me it's a great reminder of the long process of work involved in getting something to its desired endpoint - even when the artist seems never less than perfect.

In addition to his wide output of sci-fi novel covers and features, Mike Hinge illustrated portraits for Time Magazine, created typefaces, had a strip in Heavy Metal Magazine, and published a book in 1973 about his art called The Mike Hinge Experience. It seems to be difficult (or at least very expensive) to track down a copy, but maybe I'll get lucky and come across it somewhere one day - I could always use more psychedelic robots in my life!

Images sourced here, here, here, here and here.

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