Friday, July 1, 2011

Free days, free nights

Cheers to the upcoming weekend, and as it's a long holiday weekend for me, I'm especially excited - though I don't really have any plans other than relaxing and taking some bike rides in the sunshine.

I just a made a mix for the first time on 8tracks, and figured I'd actually just stick with eight tracks to keep it simple and not too long. In honor of posting here, it's named after this blog! Plus - - - the name fits the feeling I think, since all of the tracks are from the 1960s-70s.

Fingers crossed for lots of good creative energy in the coming month ! ! ! ... . . .


  1. not sure if my first comment came through...but just in case it didn't wanted to let you know (again and again just how much i'm enjoying this mix) and am so excited to see the wonderful things you have brewing.

    sorry for the comment spam if you did indeed receive my first comment. :)


  2. Ahh! So good to see your familiar name here - thank you for the kind words!! In many ways it seems counterintuitive for me to start posting up more stuff on the internet since it gets pretty overwhelming to me so often, but really I'm so happy to connect to people like you with shared aesthetics and interests! That part is what gives motivation and continual inspiration... there's always something new to discover from what others share. :)