Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dreams from the Psychedelic Dollhouse

So excited to finally post my collaboration with DC-based artist Lise Silva (you can read her narrative about the shoot here)! 

Virtual pals via the blog realm for quite some time now, when Lise moved from Brazil to Washington, DC last summer, we determined that while only living a couple hours away we just had to get together for some kind of artistic collaborative project that incorporated our mutual love for 1960s-era & vintage references.  

We paired vintage clothing and jewelry with projections of our drawings and watercolor paintings onto lovely model Kate Greene, and dreamed of a magical "day in the life" from a Valley of the Dolls-inspired interior.

Concocting a project like this with Lise was just fantastic! I'll really miss her when she moves out west this summer, but hopefully future collaborations will still be able to come together despite distance! Technology can be a very cool thing sometimes. 

Creative direction & styling: Lise Silva and Sara Gossett
Artwork: Lise Silva and Sara Gossett
Photography: Lise Silva
Model: Kate Greene
Clothes & jewelry: CellardoorSequins

Prints of the artwork used in this photoshoot can be found at GoldenHaze and CellardoorSequins.


  1. Fantastical and amazing....and beautiful.

  2. Oh my your blog is delicious and beautiful!! Very happy to have found it


    1. Aww, thank you Lally! Same to you - soooo many beautiful photos!!

  3. really incredible pics! she is beautiful and colors, light and clothes are perfect! great idea
    i like your page and i'm follow you!
    have a nice day

    1. Oh thank you, Cecilia! So nice of you to write! :)

  4. Awesome, Sara! Perfect collaboration. Always so exciting to meet virtual friends in the flesh.

    1. Yes! And so amazing when it involves collaborating on an artistic project! I definitely hope to meet you in person one day as well - was so nice to meet Jeremy when they played here in Richmond a few months ago. We talked about you and how cool you are! Perhaps your ears were burning that night... :)