Tuesday, July 24, 2012

⪥: Maria Calderon :⪥

Thanks to an incredibly warm and humbling blog post by Amy of Daughter of the Sun, I have been introduced to a wealth of tremendously inspirational artistic women. Maria Calderon is one of those immense talents, and her colorful mystical paintings and installations are just stunning. They touch on indigenous elements as well as beautiful representations of present existence.
As Amy wrote, "Her work reminds us where we come from and where we are going."
Such gorgeous work! More paintings and information can be found here:



  1. completely amazing, thank you!

  2. Sorry for the delay... But, I've been meaning to tell you that I've been LOVING your blog posts from over the past few months :))) ... And, I can't believe I'm just finding out you live in Virginia! I live in DC and think we need to synchronize our powers and collaborate on a blissed out dream project sometime soon! x

    1. Yes!! That would be fantastic! I'm down in Richmond, so if you ever find yourself heading this way (or wanting to) please drop me a line! We should definitely plan some kind of collaboration... that would be the dreamiest. :) In the meantime, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for your shop!!! xx