Monday, April 2, 2012

:: Sylvia Sleigh ::

Some days you just need a handful of beautiful paintings to gaze upon, full of life and extraordinary detail to the human personality.

Chelsea Garden, 1967

Arakawa & Madeline Gins, 1971

Linda Rosencranz,1968

Marianne Benedict, 1970

A.I.R., 1978

Working At Home, 1969

"I do think things have improved for women in general; there are many more women in government, in law and corporate jobs, but it's very difficult in the art world for women to find a gallery".
Sylvia Sleigh, 2007

Sylvia Sleigh: 1916-2010
Sylvia Sleigh on wikipedia
Sylvia Sleigh


  1. WOW... I hadn't heard of her before... I LOVE her work.
    Im definitely going to read up on her, thanks!

  2. GORGEOUS!! i want one of her paintings for my living room. xx

  3. Yes!!! Soooo beautiful. When I first saw her work, her style kind of reminded me of Alice Neel! Truly amazing portraits.