Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In Hiding

It's been a quiet month or so on this blog, but certainly the opposite of that in real life! Here's a peek at some of the things I've been up to...

This has been some time ago now, but here are some shots of the Supersketch event I took part in back in November: my sketch-in-progress is the small image in the middle of the last row.

(Photos taken by Diana Mathews at Quirk Gallery, where the event was held.)

And some images from December 2nd and 3rd, a weekend packed with two art & craft fairs:


I wanted and meant to take more photographs of both events, but as with many things approached with the best intentions, it just didn't happen. I'm so glad I could participate though; it was wonderful talking with other vendors and people stopping by the table.

☷ Machine-stitched signs ☷

Hoping to do so much more with these and other designs in the coming year...

And last but not least in this little photo roundup, this past Sunday my boyfriend and I were able to Guest DJ on our friend Michael Murphy's radio show Mellow Madness on community radio station WRIR 97.3 fm.

We'd both done guest segments with him separately but not with each other, so this was a real treat for us. We have an occasional DJ night together called the Cosmic Hum where we play records and do liquid light projections with overhead projectors, so we decided to keep things easy and fit within that theme for the music we picked out for the show. We both like lots of international music from the '60s & '70s so we played a variety of French, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Turkish tracks and my favorite 45 from what we were able to pick up on our trip to Morocco last April! That find was a seriously lucky treasure, since it's not only my favorite of the bunch but also happens to be the least beat up as well - none of them are in very good shape. We had no way to listen to them beforehand so it was all a matter of chance!

I think the radio show was recorded, so hopefully I'll be able to post the link to the podcast of it here at some point...

I can't believe it's almost 2012!!!


  1. Brilliant post, wow.. you've been busy but welcome back, your designs look great printed on to fabric,love The Fool lp too, can't wait for their book to be published.. I'll definitely tune in to the radio show when the link is up and pass it on ; )

  2. Aww, thanks!! I didn't know they had a book coming out, that's great news! They are the most inspirational in every way. :)

  3. Your drawings look amazing, especially love the owl.
    And very envious of the fool lp!!