Thursday, September 29, 2011

When you get there say hello with a flower in your hair

Bullet points of today:

- Scandinavian patterns on textiles & painted
- Suzani textiles, embroidered
- golden threads & colorful tassles
- bright, bold colors and prints on everything
- beautiful lettering
- splashes of honey in steaming tea
- thinking about soft colors and focus in photography
- the rush of people in big cities
- the Quiet of very small towns
- (What would it be like to live in one?)
- remembering to not compare myself to everyone and their place in their lives
- money is so strange!/awful
- loving someone who is so kind and good
- wanting to get out of town
- realizing some things we felt as teenagers will probably never go away
- and hoping that holds true for the parts of us we want to keep forever

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